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Soothing serum

A gentle and soothing serum that ”feeds” and strengthen your skin from within.



Perfect Gentle Exfoliator

This is my 2nd bottle of Kale-Lalu-yAHA and I have to say, I am officially converted. I haven't used any other exfoliator after being able to purchase it in my country. It's effective enough that I can feel a mild sting (NOT painful at all) and having it exfoliating my skin but gentle enough without irritating my skin at all. I use this whenever my skin feels a little grubby and in need of some "deep cleaning" to get all the nasty stuff off my face. One bottle lasted me for quite a long time which is very surprising. The only downside is the packaging. The aluminium cap is definitely more eco friendly since it can be recycled. However with prolonged usage there will be some product collecting on the dispensing hole and the inside of the lid, creating crystals and somehow "eroding" the lid? The only way is to make sure that no leftover product is on the mouth of the bottle and keep it clean. It can be a bit hard for people that travel a lot as there will be product bound to be stuck on the hole and the inside of the lid.

Kale lalu yah rocks!

After the first application, I was able to remove a very very embedded blackhead below my mouth, u know~ the very hard to extract area above our chins. My face look fresher and make up was easy to apply on the next morning! Even my colleagues commented that I looked radiant.

One of my holy grails now

I was a bit skeptical to use a chemical exfoliator but after hearing so many great reviews, I decided to join the bandwagon as well and I've not looked back!!

This gives my face an instant glow after using it and i use this once or twice (depending on my skin needs) a week so i usually save it before an important day that week. I personally use a cotton pad to swipe because I feel that this method works better for me compared to patting it on my face using my hands.

I have gone through about 5 bottles and it remains and will still continue being one of my HG in my skincare regime! <3