Meet Thomas, Performer & Yoga Enthusiast

January 31 2020
Hi! I am Tom! I have performed and taught theatre for most of my life. More recently I have become passionate about yoga and skin care, and I am here to chat about my skin care journey, why I decided to press reset, and what products I love. I also will share a bit more with you all about what led me to my skincare journey in the first place and why I consider skin care a crucial part of self-care. :) 

Intentional Practices You Can Do to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

January 24 2020
Here are some simple changes you can try to incorporate into your lifestyle. Whether you decide to make one change or all the changes is totally up to you, but do know that every little thing does truly help. 

Winter Series: Guide to Choosing Winter Skincare

January 17 2020
Skin feeling down during the colder months? Here's your guide to choosing winter skincare. 

Supplementary Skincare for Your Skin Concern

December 21 2019
Hi there, friend! If you're coming from our #PressResetChallenge booklet, then welcome! We're so glad to have you her...

#PressReset Diaries: Meet Monica, Artist and Beauty Enthusiast

December 19 2019
Hi, this is Monica. I thought I’d share how my relationship with my skin deeply affected my mental health but how through skincare, I was able to reclaim and reestablish that relationship as one of self-love <3

The #PressResetChallenge Guide: An Overview of Your Journey

December 12 2019
Want to learn more about the #PressResetChallenge? Here's the complete guide.

#PressReset Diaries: Meet Sean, Licensed Esthetician and Blogger

November 28 2019
Hello! Its Sean Garrette, I’m a licensed Esthetician and Skincare Blogger. Today in my #PressResetDiaries I’ll be sharing what led me into my career in skincare, the products that I can’t live without, music I’m currently obsessed with, sharing my extensive and structured skincare routine and how I #PressReset on life.

How to Be More Intentional This Holiday Season

November 23 2019
The holidays are quickly approaching, which also means the season of increased consumption is upon us. This time of year is one of the best but it also makes us feel like we need to consume a lot, which is why we put together a few ways that you can be more mindful this holiday season and beyond.

How to Use Oat So Simple Water Cream for Your Skin Concern

November 14 2019
Everyone's skin is so unique, so here are some tips to blend Oat So Simple Water Cream seamlessly into your routine or cocktail it to make it a little more suited for your ever-changing needs. 

How to Choose a Cleanser

November 08 2019
Here's your guide to finding the right cleanser for your individual skin concerns.

#PressReset Diaries: Meet Irena, Freelance Graphic Designer

November 01 2019
Our friend, Irena, shares her #PressReset journey and gives us a sneak peek into her A.M. and P.M routines!

Are You Recycling Your Beauty Products Properly?

October 24 2019
Recycling is important, but can be a little confusing because there’s so much to consider! Here are some guidelines to go about recycling your beauty products correctly.

The Story Behind Oat So Simple Water Cream

October 10 2019
When we were creating Oat So Simple Water Cream, we asked for your “ideal dream moisturizer,” and received 2,364 very specific entries. Even though there were some commonalities, there was no singular answer. We knew a moisturizer that tried to please everyone, would please no one, so we went back to the basics. 

Ingredient Series: Oats

October 04 2019
Oats aren’t only meant to be eaten to give you a healthy start to your day. They spark joy for your skin, too! Here are just some of the fabulous benefits of one of our favorite ingredients at the moment — oats!

How to Choose a Moisturizer

October 01 2019
We’ve put together a short list of what to look for and what to avoid based on your own skin concerns. Read on!

#PressReset Diaries: Meet Jesslyn, a student from Singapore

September 19 2019
#PRESSRESET DIARIES SEPTEMBER 2019 Full name: Jesslyn ChenOccupation: StudentLocation: SingaporeAge: 20Skin type &am...

#PressReset Diaries: Liah Yoo, Youtuber & Founder of KraveBeauty

September 17 2019
Many of you already know Liah. She is our founder, CEO, and our personal favorite skincare guru on YouTube. Her uncon...

How to Be an Intentional Consumer

September 13 2019
We've compiled some tips and tricks that might help you be more intentional, mindful and aware the next time you're dying to buy that new serum or something.
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