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Broke me out

I have oily, dehydrated, sensitive, and acne-prone skin. My skin has been doing very well the past few months with a relatively stable routine that includes Differin. I reeaaaaally wanted to love this product because I love Liah but upon waking up the next day, I found that my entire forehead was covered in tiny red bumps while I had a few new lone pimples on my cheeks. For the first time in forever, I had to bust out my tube of benzoyl peroxide and use them on the spots I gained overnight :-( I think a big part of this is probably due to the high concentration of Tamanu oil in the product. DE's pure virgin marula oil breaks me out too (even though it's reportedly not meant to). Perhaps it's a matter of my skin hating oils left on it, and not the product's fault as well. 2 stars for the benefit of doubt. Everyone's skin differs and if your skin is of a different type than mine, there's a good chance the product will work for you. If your skin type is like mine, it may or may not be ideal but you'll only know by trying :-)

Breakout at first, gradually tried reusing and it was ok

After using this for 2 consecutive days, the product broke me out in places where I don't usually break out at all. So I stopped using it for a couple weeks, and felt like I've wasted my money on it (not to mention the disappointment).

After a month, I decided to try it again, this time applying just a thin layer and gradually on my chin at first, then onto my cheeks, and finally on my entire face - and I didn't experience any breakouts. My skin appears more "calm" after using it for a week.

My advice to those who experience breakouts with the ingredients of GBF - try it gradually and you may come to like the product after all :)

Holy Grail

I am already on my 3rd bottle of this and I love it! Initially I thought I wouldn’t like it due to Malaysia’s hot and humid weather, but putting it on at night would make my face have this glow from within look the next morning when I wake up. Overall it didn’t break me out too and have calmed down my skin whenever it goes haywire. I hope Krave Beauty could come out with a larger bottle like a 100ml and I would def purchase it!

Didn't work for me

I really, really wish it worked for me but within the second day of applying, I had patchy of dry, rough skin all over my face. I tried applying on my the back of my knees where I had dark patches left behind my my past eczema phases but rashes broke out there after applying. I have since stopped using the product! I understand that everyone's experience is personal and different! Hopefully I can find someone to pass the product to and it will benefit someone else!


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