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Very gentle on sensitive skin.

Works great so far. Only been using it for less than two weeks but my skin redness has calmed down a bit. I love it

Best repair serum ever

Calmed down my inflammed skin and actually smoothened it alot. I already bought my second bottle!

Saved me from COVID frontliner woes

I'll preface by saying I'm an ICU doctor dealing with very ill and virulent COVID patients everyday. And to protect myself even after doffing multiple PPE layers, I clean myself thoroughly with an extremely strong antiseptic and antibacterial solution. Couple that with having a preexisting dry and sensitive skin, what you'll get is a resultant skin that is not only sandpaper-level coarse but also painful spots all ovet my face.

Every single skin care I used to own (even those I considered my holy grail item before this) started to cause my face to burn. Till I could only use plain petroleum jelly day in and day out. And it's not pleasant to use petroleum jelly because of the residue that it leaves everywhere and also because it the sticky feeling makes me incredibly uncomfortable.

I've heard of this product a while ago from a couple of friends and I've seen it pop up from time to time on certain beauty bloggers' feeds. This early january, i decided to take the plunge and order this online. And it was one of the best decisions I've ever made for my skin.

There was no burning sensation. That was the first thing I noticed.

I no longer needed the petroleum jelly. And the duration between reapplying the serum grew longer and longer.

My skin became not at all scaly within 2 weeks. And I could actually start incorporating other skincare gradually without any irritation.

Whatever this serum says about restoring your natural skin barrier is absolutely-100%-true.

OK serum, but still finding its unique quality

When the product name indicates that this is a 'serum', I immediately thought it was a clear/liquid type of product, which isn't the case when it arrived. The GBR has the consistency similar to moisturiser and is a cream-type serum which is green in colour.

The consistency of the GBR indicates that it is OK to be applied on the face on its own (as the product instructions would indicate especially if you want to reset your skin).

I have tried GBR with the following combinations:

- GBR + Oat Water cream --> I've had a previous review on the water cream being a bit too light (yet also oily) cream for my face (I've never had this kind of problem before with moisturisers until today). Mixing in 2-3 pumps of GBR (the instruction says at minimum 1-2 pumps, with a 3rd pump on dry days) does help to keep in the hydration on my face longer, but it isn't able to keep in the moisture in for the entire night (which is my aim).

- GBR + Other moisturiser brand --> I use this nowadays when my face needs extra emollients, and I do find that the GBR does help to strengthen the moisturiser's properties of locking in the moisture of the skin. However, the GBR did not prove that it is entirely essential into my skincare regime as previously I have been able to survive without mixing in the GBR into the moisturiser.

So far, I like the GBR and I do see its qualities, but compared to the other acids/serums that I already have, I dont find it an essential item in my regime especially by adding in the price point. Probably will not purchase.

I like the texture

It feels so nice to the skin, i think my skin becoming better