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This is my holy grail product!

I have dry, dull and sensitive skin, bcuz of damaged skin barrier. Had tried alot of skincare product(avene, eucerin, nuskin, dr secret etc) but just doesnt help much on my damage skin. GBR really works wonders on my skin!!! my sensitive prob gone, skin complexion got brighten up, even heal my closed comedones!!!!! Im writing this long review, bcuz i hope ppl suffer from the same prob, can give this series skincare a try, it really works ❤️ thanks Liah for inventing such great product. Looking forward for more product like vit c serum and hair care product 😘😘😘

The best grass-smell serum😍

I like its smell, I feel like i blend natural grass and put on face!This is first time i use krave’s product and i can say i love it so much.I put any moisturiser and exfoliant after and no irritation or acne problem happens.

Relieving the exposed barrier

I have dry skin and it has been pretty irritated /sensitive lately probably due to over exfoliation and perhaps, overwhelmed with many products I'm experimenting.
I am amazed how this serum soothes my skin and that it doesn't sting upon application, unlike the many serums I've tried when I have irritated and sensitive skin. The texture is just great but I didn't really like the scent, albeit it being natural and tolerable. Guess I will get use to the scent soon (:

The best skincare product ever invented

I use the great barrier relief with the kale-lalu-yAHA and I must say that these two products make a wonderful combination for a healthy and glowing skin.

I feel like I don’t even need vitamin C or hyaluronic acid serums in my skincare routine as the great barrier relief is good enough to do everything in place of the other products.

One thing I have to note to those who are planning on purchasing the serum for the first time is that the smell of tamanu oil is quite strong and you’ll be able to smell it on your face throughout the day. Other than that, this product is really amazing and it is so worth your money :)


Best serum to calm the redness from chemical exfoliation and irritation!